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Amiir Hasan &

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I'm not a businessman I'm a business, man!

Shawn Carter

Amiir Hasan is the HUSTLER and music just so happens to be his main hustle. Between crafting his own projects he song writes for others, curates live concerts and events, and is the program director of Mask Off Radio.

Music videos



Image by Oscar Keys

Production And Booking Agency

IDea Promotions is a company built to create performance opportunities for independent artists and prepare them for tours.  



Being an artist is great, but it simply isn't enough to get the job done. You need a team. A manager, booking agent, publicist, engineer,  social media manager, executive producer(s) etc. To keep all of these positions occupied you need a budget and more importantly you need to be a good judge of character. Pour as much money as you want into the wrong people and it'll mean nothing long-term. Don't have enough money to pour into the right people and that project you poured your heart into recording won't go anywhere long-term. It comes down to balance and patience. Don't just trust the process, trust and bet on yourself!

Realizing these things has led me to change my path. Not my end goal, just my path of getting there. I can be the best rapper in any room I step in which is cool but what does it mean without the results to back up such a claim? I can have the strongest brand in the room which breeds commercial results but won't satisfy my core hunger for wanting to compete with the best lyrically. If I need to capitalize on both of these things to get where I'm going then that's exactly what's going to happen, it's what I'm going to make happen. There is no other option.



Contact / hasan@mediamoguls.online
Press / Show Discipline Magazine, show.substack.com 

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